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An Aria A Day #166

‘När jag för mig själv i mörka skogen går’ (‘When I walk alone’)
from Fyra visor i svensk folkton Op.5 – No.1
by Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
Piano Narelle French

21st October, 2020

From Sweden, Australian soprano Natalie Jones brings us our second last performance for An Aria A Day. ‘När jag för mig själv i mörka skogen går’ (‘When I walk alone’) was composed by Swedish music critic Olof Wilhelm Peterson-Berger who was reportedly influenced by Grieg, August Söderman and Wagner.

Natalie Jones is a graduate of The University of Melbourne (Honours in Performance) and was a member of the Victorian State Opera Young Artist Program. Following a period of study with Janice Chapman in London, Natalie returned to Australia and has become one of this country’s most accomplished and popular sopranos. Opera Queensland audiences will remember Natalie in the leading role of our 2010 production ‘The Elixir of Love’.

När jag för mig själv i mörka skogen går,
tänkar jag på vännen, som jag aldrig får.
Tåren börjar rinna, hjärtat slå,
aldrig kan man glömma den, man en gång hållit å’,
aldrig kan man glömma den, man en gång hållit å’.
Ängar, berg och dal och skog med fåglar små,
blåa himmelen med klara stjärnor på,
Allt vad havet gömmer, pärlor och koraller,
Svanedun av skum och klaraste kristaller, gräs och blommor all
och lindelöv på kvist,
allting gåve jag för vännen, som jag mist,
lilla vännen kär från barndomsdagar.

When I walk alone in the dark forest,
I think about the friend that I will never see.
Tears begin to fall, my heart pounds,
You can never forget someone you once held so dear.
Fields, mountains and valleys and the forest with it’s small birds,
The blue skies with bright stars,
Everything that the ocean conceals, pearls and coral,
a swan’s down of foam and the clearest crystals, all the grass and flowers and the
Linden tree leaves on the branch,
I would give all of this for the friend, I once had,
My cherished little friend from childhood days.

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