Opera Queensland’s 2024 Studio Series: Celebrating Five Years of Vocal Brilliance and Artistic Journeys
8th March, 2024

Opera Queensland’s 2024 Studio Series: Celebrating Five Years of Vocal Brilliance and Artistic Journeys

Welcome to Opera Queensland’s 2024 Studio Series. This year we are excited to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the series, launched at the end of 2019 with a performance by Alexandra Flood and Alex Raineri.

Over the years we have welcomed an extraordinary range of artists presenting a vast array of repertoire from the highly popular to the extremely obscure. Some memorable moments include Brisbane’s favourite diva, Eva Kong, opening her recital by sitting down at the piano and playing us a Korean lullaby that her mother had taught her as a child and then revealing that as well as being a very fine singer, she once trained to be a concert pianist.

Then there was Cheryl Barker and Peter Coleman-Wright, singing the murder scene from Verdi’s Macbeth; Rosario La Spina, singing the songs of Tosti with the joy and sweetness of a boy discovering them for the first time. Jane Sheldon’s remarkable performance of the intricate and difficult Harawi by Messiaen, favourably reviewed (thankfully) in the foyer afterwards by the great Marilyn Richardson and David Miller – a piece they had performed together many times in recital halls around the world.

Bradley Daley, opening his recital descending from the balcony as he sung Wagner, conjuring Bayreuth in the process. Irena Lysiuk, presenting us with a program full of the funny, tender and ultimately beautiful songs of Poulenc. Jessica Hitchcock sitting on the edge of the stage, accompanying herself on the ukelele as she sang one of her own songs… and so on.

The 2024 lineup promises an even richer array of performances, further exploring the series’ dedication to both traditional and contemporary operatic expressions. Alex Raineri’s “Speechless” and Heru Pinkasova’s “Pacific Harmonies” exemplify the innovative spirit of the series, offering audiences fresh interpretations of operatic favourites and music from other cultural traditions. Amy Lehpamer’s musical theatre night extends the series’ breadth, showcasing the emotional depth and narrative power of Broadway’s best-loved songs.

The season is further enhanced by the unique perspectives of Shaun Brown & Eleanor Greenwood in “I Divi – Illustrations of Operatic Superstars,” and Virgilio Marino and Adrian Strooper, who bring songs from personal and career-defining works to their recitals. These performances not only highlight the artists’ vocal and musical talents but also offer intimate insights into their artistic journeys.

As it enters its fifth year, the Studio Series affirms Opera Queensland’s commitment to musical excellence and innovation. By bridging the classical and the modern, the series invites audiences to experience the transformative and unifying power of the human voice.

The 2024 Studio Series is a testament to opera’s enduring relevance and its ability to inspire and connect us across diverse cultures and musical genres. Please join us in the Opera Queensland Studio for another year of song and music full of wonder and joy.

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