The love of music and opera is a lifelong journey. 

Opera Queensland offers a range of resources, events and activities to nurture the love and learning of song for everyone at all levels and all stages of life right across Queensland 

Opera Queensland offers a dedicated program for schools to bring opera to your classroom or help bring your class to the opera 

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    For Schools

    Opera Queensland can bring opera to your classroom or help bring your class to the opera! From touring productions to online tools, school children and teachers right across Queensland can experience the joy of opera.

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    For Schools

    16th October, 2020

    As the state opera company for Queensland, our mission is to bring opera to all Queensland students, regardless of where you live. For more than 15 ye...

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    Solo Vocal Workshops

    06th September, 2024

    Ideal for singers aged 18+ with solo experience. Collaborate with Opera Queensland’s leading principal performers and seasoned pianists during a...

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    Youth Vocal Workshop

    16th September, 2024

    Delve into a diverse range of musical styles during this immersive three-say workshop for year 7 to 12 secondary students. Designed for budding singer...

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    Group Vocal Workshop

    08th July, 2024

    Ideal for singers aged 18+ with solo or choral experience. Join our vocal workshop and explore a selection of ensemble works that encompass personal a...

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